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A Senior’s Guide to Using a Personal Loan to Pay for Long-term Care

Long-term care is a health or personal care service helping you live safely and stay as independent as possible. Around 7 million older adults in…

What Is an Installment Loan?

Installment loans are the most common forms of borrowing that help consumers gain access to funds to purchase cars, houses, and many other large ticket items.

What You Should Know About Payday Loans

Flashy online ads and brick and mortar storefronts promising quick cash to anyone have become all too popular across the U.S. If the thought of a…

Top 5 Reasons to Take Out a Personal Loan

If you find yourself in need of financing, a personal loan is an affordable option that lets you spread out the cost of the expenses over several…

Can You Afford a Personal Loan?

While personal loans are an attractive option to get the money we need to buy what we want, the idea of borrowing money can raise a lot of questi…

What Is a Personal Loan & How Do They Work?

Personal loans are a form of borrowing where individuals can get an infusion of cash from a bank or lender paid back in installments with an interest charge.

Signs of a Personal Loan Scam

Legitimate personal loans are a great way to get funding for unexpected expenses, debt consolidation, major purchases or home upgrades. However,…

Fixed-Rate Personal Loans vs. Credit Cards

The personal loan vs. credit card debate is one that has many answers depending on your financial needs and the details of your situation. Credit…

The Best Personal Loans of 2020

We crunched the data to compare every major lender in the U.S. across 10 metrics.

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