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41 Stories of Reasons NOT to Loan Money to Family and Friends

Posted September 13th, 2010
by Staff

Job losses and the current economy have wreaked havoc on people’s finances. Some people may choose to turn to their family or friends to borrow money. If you are the one they are turning to you need to think twice before giving them money. This can cause a strain on your relationship if they fail to pay you back. Consider your options and theirs before agreeing to loan anyone money. Your relationship is worth more than a few dollars. Read through these stories of the reasons you should reconsider loaning money to close friends.

  1. Five Reasons Not to Lend Money: One blogger shares the five reasons you should not lend money to close friends or family.
  2. Never Loan Money to Friends or Family: Find out why you shouldn’t loan money to your friends or family and the problems this can cause.
  3. When Someone Wants to Borrow Money: This blogger shares with you some tips on how to handle the situation when someone asks to borrow money from you.
  4. Should You Loan to Family?: See what one blogger shares and thinks about loaning money to family or friends. Find out why it may not be such a good idea.
  5. Family Loans and Cosigning: When a family member is needing a cosigner on a loan, find out whether it is really a good idea if you are the extra party to the loan.
  6. Borrowing From Family and Friends: If you are in the position of needing money, look here before you ask your family. There are some things you need to take into consideration before getting into that sort of agreement with your family or friends.
  7. Lending to Family and Friends: This is a very delicate situation. Some families have been torn apart by lending money out. Take time to read this and see whether it is really a good idea or not.
  8. Do Not Mix Business and Family: Get a few tips on why mixing your business money and family is not a good idea. Relationships have been severed when doing so.
  9. Dealing with Family that Constantly Asks for Money: Learn a few ways to handle those family members who may be constantly asking you for money. Get ideas on how to tell them no without hurting the relationship.
  10. Dealing with Money Requests: Discover how to deal with someone in your family asking for money. Find an easier way to handle the requests and still keep your relationship in tact.
  11. Should You Lend Money to Friends?: See what one blogger says about lending money to your friends. Find out why they say the answer should always be No.
  12. Thoughts on Lending Money: One blogger shares their thoughts on lending money to friends and family. Find out how they feel and the reasons they may refrain from doing so.
  13. 7 Ways to Help Your Family: When others are in a tight money bind, you could lend them money. Often this leads to strained or even severed relationships. Find seven ways here to help them without hurting your relationships.
  14. Lending Your Significant Other Money: Should you lend your boyfriend/girlfriend money? Find out here what one blogger says about this delicate subject.
  15. Should I Lend Money?: See how one blogger feels about lending money to your family. Some say there is not a problem while others advise against it.
  16. When is Lending Money Okay?: Learn when it is okay to lend money to family and friends. Some people say it is never okay while some do it everyday.
  17. Don’t Loan Money to Friends or Family: One blogger shares why you should never loan money to those close to you. This can put strains on your friendships or severe your relationship entirely.
  18. Cosigning a Loan: If you are considering cosigning a loan with a family member or a friend read this first. Find out here what you need to know before signing those papers.
  19. Bad Idea: Find out why some advisers say that borrowing money from friends is a bad idea. You should not lend money to friends or family in most cases.
  20. Do You Loan Friends/Family Money?: One blogger says she never does. See why she doesn’t and why she suggests you should steer clear too.
  21. Your Take: Take a look at what one blogger says about lending money to their friends. This blogger does not have a problem with it but many do.
  22. Why We Say No: Learn why some say no to cosigning or loaning. It is ultimately your decision but you need to take all factors into consideration.
  23. When You Should Say No: There are times it is okay to say no and you need to know when. Sometimes no is the best answer you can give someone.
  24. Lending to Family: Uncover what some say about lending money to your family members. Some opinions lean towards never lending money to friends or family.
  25. Blogger’s Thoughts: These blogger ladies share their thoughts on lending money to friends or family. If you are thinking about doing that then stop by here first.
  26. Tough Situation: Trying to decide whether to loan money to friends and family is a hard decision. Do not let your heart overrule your brain. Be smart about your decision.
  27. Losing a Relationship: Most people have ended up with losing friends or family members because of loaning money. Learn how you can get through lending or not lending money without losing relationships.
  28. Tough Love: Some are not sure if it is ever a good time to lend money to friends. Find out here what one blogger says about this situation.
  29. How to Lend Money: If you still want to lend money to friends or family, try this site to help you learn how. These tips can help you prevent the relationship being lost over money.
  30. Lending Money: Deciding whether to lend money or not is a tough decision. Here are a few tips on helping you make the best choices.
  31. Lending Money to In-Laws: Learn whether it is a good idea to lend money to your in-laws. Sometimes this can lead to more problems than just the money.
  32. How to Loan Money: If you are still wanting to loan money then you should read here. This will give you tips on how you can loan your friends or family money and still salvage the relationship.
  33. Would You Lend Money to Your Friend?: See the many different opinions on whether or not lending to a friend is okay. Some people say sure while others say no way.
  34. Give a Gift: One blogger shares the idea of giving a gift instead of just loaning money to your friends or family.
  35. Deciding to Lend: One blogger shares their struggle on whether or not to lend money to their friend. Find out what they decided.
  36. How to Lend the Smart Way: Sometimes you will just decide to lend money no matter the situation. Learn here how to lend and do it wisely.
  37. Relatives or Friends: You can be in a sticky situation. Deciding whether or not you should lend money is not easy. Here are a few tips on making that decision.
  38. Lending Money: If you decide to go ahead and lend money there are a few things you should know. One thing you may want to do is draw up a loan agreement.
  39. Lending the Christian Way: Some take a religious view on lending money. Find out how they look at it and ways to do it wisely.
  40. How Can You Help A Family Member: Sometimes the best way is to help the family some other way than giving them money. Get ideas here how to help your family member who may be in trouble financially.
  41. Wise Lending: Should you decide to loan money, here are a few tips to help you do that the smart way. Do not lend out money till you have looked at these tips. This can save you some heartache down the line.

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