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44 Blogs with Tips, Advice, and Personal Loan Basics

Posted August 3rd, 2010
by Staff

There are many types of personal loans available to all people regardless of the quality of their FICO/ credit score. There are mortgages, personal, and auto loans that can be taken in order to make one time purchases easier. There are also loans that can be taken out for those with weak credit scores, such as no credit check loans and payday loans. There are even “legal loan sharks” that can be found, even though people with low credit scores aren’t always offered the fairest of deals. Here are some helpful posts about all of the various types of personal loans that a borrower can count on encountering in his or her search for the best deal on taking a loan to meet their financial goals.

  1. Manual Underwriting: Buying a home without a FICO score Not all good credit is built by excessive credit card use, and it is possible to have credit that is good enough for mortgage approval without a FICO score. Learn how here.
  2. Personal, Home & Car Loan Guides – Info, Tips & Advice As loans become a more common place thing in people’s lives, educated consumers learn as much as possible in order to better negotiate the terms of loans that they take.
  3. Unsecured Loans – Unsecured Personal Loan Interest Rates An explanation of the pros, cons, and characteristics of unsecured personal loans.
  4. Advice on Guaranteed Loans, Guaranteed Personal Loans Tips, & Guaranteed Loans Know the difference between borrowing and charging, placing collateral on loans, an co-signing for others.
  5. Investing Articles, Investing Money A compilation of various articles on investing and saving money.
  6. Basic Tips on Personal Finance Advice on taking bills seriously, making a budget and paying bills electronically.
  7. Merchant cash advances are unsecured and becoming popular Information about merchant cash advances and why they are being used more frequently.
  8. Manage Your Debt with a Debt Consolidation Loan Regardless of the reasons why, some people have debt become unmanageable at some point in their lives. Debt consolidation loans are the solution for many people.
  9. Tips to Avoid Bankruptcy Some tips to avoid bankruptcy, such as more hours at work, discussing your situation with a professional, and organizing your debt.
  10. Financial Articles & Money Management Strategies The concept of personal finance has been with us much longer than money…budgeting and savings are concepts just as old.
  11. Debt Consolidation Loans and tips for consolidating your debt With a rise in personal debt at an all time high in Australia, loan consolidations are more popular than ever.
  12. Promissory Notes: Personal Loans to Family and Friends A promissory note is a written agreement between people that know each other that will state the amount loaned, repayment method and how much interest will be paid.
  13. Loans after Bankruptcy Although history has shown that we are the most lenient society in our dealings with debt, allowing people to file bankrupt without true penalty, it is still hard to find loans after this is done.
  14. Personal Finance A list of links to help get out of debt, establish credit and get good credit.
  15. Christian financial advice and money management tips A guide to establishing good finances by applying biblical standards.
  16. Responsible Reasons To Get A Quick Personal Loan A list of things that could happen to you that will help you be at ease in justifying the need for a personal loan.
  17. Loan to value – Mortgage basics A loan to value, or LTV, is the amount of money you are borrowing against your home purchase. Contains advice on how to go about this.
  18. Nationwide launches market-leading 7.7% loan Nationwide sets records with a loan of 7.7 interest to its customers and may be setting loan precedents for the future.
  19. Applying for Loans Online Online applications for loans have risen 305% and will continue to do so. A main advantage is that there are many discounts offered to electronic customers that unavailable elsewhere.
  20. Financial Advice, News, Help  Guides A list of financial advisories, financial news and help guides.
  21. Advice On Payday Loans A guide to using payday loans, and when they would be most beneficial to the consumer.
  22. How to Find a Legal Loan Shark Even though it is a questionable practice, legal loan sharks are easy to find and come through very quickly with the money needed by people with bad credit that little alternative.
  23. Personal Loan Guarantees Be sure to understand all implications before signing for personal loans.
  24. The Basics Behind Personal Loans Regardless of the reason you have for seeking personal loans, it is essential that you receive the best deal that you can.
  25. Looking for a loan? Know the difference between secured and unsecured loans and how to make comparisons.
  26. Personal Payday Loans Tips A list of things to do for those committed to getting out of debt and are willing to make the effort to do so.
  27. No Credit Check Loan Advice on how no credit check loans work, sometimes not to the borrowers’ favor.
  28. Personal Loan Scams Dishonesty does plague people in need of financial assistance. This blog tells you what to be aware of.
  29. Loan Consolidation Tips: Personal Finance & Money Management Tips A vlog about debt consolidation loans.
  30. Financial Aid Guide :: Financial Aid Basics An article describing how common personal student loans are.
  31. Compare Loans, Find a Secured or Unsecured Loan This page describes the difference between secured and unsecured loans.
  32. Credit Chaos How to deal with consolidation and credit consolidation loans when they seem to be a last short term alternative to bankruptcy.
  33. World’s Best Finance Tips A blog about various factors effecting real estate and debt reduction loans.
  34. ‘Change’ Need for Financial Advice A recent poll illustrates the confusion that many people feel over understanding the different types of loans available to them.
  35. Debt from Personal Loans A major cause of personal loan debt is the high interest rates that people with bad credit must accept. Some hints about what to do with this situation.
  36. Financial Literacy May Protect Consumers in Tough Times An article pointing out that consumers need to be especially aware of all types of loans, etc. in order to raise their financial literacy in general.
  37. Personal Loans: To Lend Or Not To Lend? Receiving personal loans from a bank comes complete with its own sets of rules and guidelines, but receiving or making personal loans to a relative or friend can be much more chaotic. Here are some guidelines for the person being asked to make a loan to ascertain if he or she is truly capable of parting with a large amount of money even temporarily.
  38. Best Debt Loan Consolidation Program An article describing the various banking tools you can find online to help you decide how to handle your financial issues.
  39. Cheap Poor Credit Personal Loan Obligations When a person has got to the point that he or she needs a personal loan, they may be experiencing bad credit as well. Here are some suggestions on how to handle the situation.
  40. Low Apr Secured Personal Loans – How to find a suitable deal Low interest rates are most desired by borrowers, but they may be hard to find if the borrower is found to be a high risk. It is recommended that the borrower search online for as many offers as possible to find the best one for the borrower’s purposes, including both amount and duration of loan.
  41. Online Debt Consolidation Secured Loans Basics An explanation of what a person who needs a debt consolidation loan should be capable of doing financially with the debt that they have incurred.
  42. Cheap Personal loan, instant without security Unsecured personal loans are considered to be risk free and quick ways of fixing personal debt issues. What makes these easier to deal with for the borrower is the lack of collateral that needs to be offered to the lender.
  43. Cash in a flash – What to do when financial crisis strikes An article with some advice for people experiencing financial crisis.
  44. Personal loans 4 Keys for Securing a Personal Loan Even with Shaky Credit This article has some suggestions for those without ideal credit, including deciding when to consolidate debts in a deliberate fashion in order to improve credit.

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