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45 Blogs that Explain How Different Types of Loans Work

Posted May 17th, 2010
by Staff

There are so many different types of loans out there it is hard to keep up with them let alone all the technical “fine print”. If you do not have the correct information you can get charged a higher interest rate then you are eligible for.  Over the course of years even a 1% difference in your interest rate can equal thousands of dollars out of your pocket.  With the recent worldwide economic downturn we each need to maximize our dollars even more. We have compiled 45 different blogs which explains how different types of loans work and how to make sure you get the best rate possible.  Getting a loan of any type is not something to be rushed into make sure you do your research and if you have been straining to keep up with your current loans we have also included some resources about refinancing for you.

  1. Mortgage Blog Learn how different types of mortgage loans work.  What do you qualify for and how is that determined..
  2. V.A. Loan information Learn what advantages you getting a mortgage through the V.A.
  3. Facts about Debt Consolidation loans. Is a Debt Consolidation loan right for you? Learn the facts that can save you money and help eliminate debt.
  4. Student loan information. Learn about the benefits and your legal rights when you get a student loan
  5. Reverse Mortgage Blog. What exactly is a Reverse Mortgage?  Can you or your parents benefit from one?
  6. Payday loans explained. Is a Payday loan your best option when you a tight on cash?  Find out all the facts.
  7. Mortgage and finance tips Learn about different types of loans, personal finance and even some investing information
  8. Consumerism Commentary There are many types of loans and different places to get them. This blog helps you learn and zero in on your best deal.
  9. Personal loans.  Is a personal loan for you?  When and how should you apply for one.
  10. H.U.D. Housing loans. What is a HUD loan? Do you qualify to purchase a HUD home?  Learn the steps you need to take to find out?
  11. Home Equity loans Do you need extra cash to fix up the house a home equity loan might be the best option. Learn more before you decide.
  12. Used car loans You, have your eye on a new used car now you need a loan. Find out the facts about a loan on a used car first.
  13. New Car Loans A vehicle is the second largest purchase of your life. Learn the facts and your rights as a borrower.
  14. What you need for a Business Loan As, an established business owner what types of loans do you qualify for?  What are the key things to look for in your loan?
  15. Learn how a S.B.A. loan works.  Small Business Administration loans can help you start your own business.
  16. Loan Tips and information. This blog covers many different types of loans including SBA, Student and Auto loans.
  17. Student loan justice with all loans you need to know all the facts   See what happened to unsuspecting college student who did not understand how there student loan worked.
  18. Mortgage Interest rate information. The interest rate on your loan is one of the key factors effecting your monthly payment.
  19. How does Student loan consolidation work Many people can save a huge amount of money each year by consolidating multiple student loans learn more about how the process works.
  20. Bad credit motorcycle loans. Are motorcycle loans different from other loans?
  21. Boat loans How will a boat loan work versus a traditional car loan?
  22. What is a bridge loan how does it work? What if you need a loan mid construction a bridge loan can help?
  23. Learn about the legal rights of borrowers Borrowers also have rights learn to protect your self from illegal lenders.
  24. How to choose an online lender. The Internet gives you thousands of different borrowing options educate yourself before getting a loan.
  25. What does a lender mean when they refer to the “rate sheet” What is a rate sheet and why is it so important to you as a borrower?
  26. How do lenders determine your interest rate?  Learn why one person will get a 5% loan and another an 8% loan, use this information to get a lower rate in the future.
  27. What is a Mortgage modification loan? Do you want to increase or shorten the length of your mortgage? Learn more about a mortgage modification loan.
  28. What is a Rural Housing Service Loan and how does it work?  If you are a farmer the Department of Agriculture may be able to help you buy land and a home
  29. S.B.A. basic loan information Have you ever thought about an SBA loan? Learn the basics here.
  30. I have broken my credit what can I do to get a loan even though my credit stinks?
  31. What is a fixed rate Mortgage how does it work? Is a fixed rate mortgage your best option?
  32. How to increase your odds of getting a low interest rate. Increase your credit rating to get a lower loan rate.
  33. How to calculate an interest only mortgage Sometimes we need a bit of a financial break learn more about interest only loans.
  34. Where can I learn about a construction loan? Are you looking to build?  Perhaps a construction loan is just what you need.
  35. How does a second mortgage work? You are thinking about taking out a second mortgage what are the Pros and Cons.
  36. How do 401k loans work You have build up your 401k, now you want to take a loan is it a good idea?
  37. How does a loan to purchase farm land work Learn about loans to purchase farm and homesteading land.
  38. How does a loan from a Pawn Broker work. You are low on cash and bills are due.  How does a Pawnbroker really work?
  39. How to qualify for a debt consolidation loan. Debt is mounting up perhaps you should learn how a debt consolidation loan works.
  40. Why paying off your credit cards can be your biggest savings. Credit card rates can increase rapidly have you considered the benefit of paying them off?
  41. How to maximize your student loan value. There are many different student loan programs learn about them before you borrow for college.
  42. FHA loans explained in plain language How does an FHA loan work?
  43. Can you actually have an 850 credit score? Your credit score helps determine the interest rate you are charged learn how to increase yours.
  44. What is an escrow account and how does it work?
  45. Where can I find information from the government about loans? Learn more about the truth in lending act. (NO contact info .gov)
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  • Posted June 14th, 2010 by Jonathon at 10:38 am -

    You have posted a great list of resources here. I was checking out the government websites, but they are so hard to navigate! I think I’m sticking to blogs in the future.

  • Posted June 15th, 2010 by Ronald Squires at 10:13 am -

    Thanks for the great list! I agree with Jon – It can be difficult to find info on the web that isn’t biased towards selling you something.

  • Posted June 16th, 2010 by paul at 9:31 am -

    Some of these links actually have pretty good info. Understanding loans can be tricky, just make sure you READ THE FINE PRINT.


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