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45 Blogs to Help You Find the Right Type of Loan for Your Needs

Posted June 14th, 2010
by Staff

For a consumer who needs a loan, figuring out the right type of loan for their needs can be a difficult process. There are many different types of loans and the purposes of these loans often overlap tremendously. Much information can be found online that will help consumers to make the best choice in loans for their circumstances. This information can help consumers have an advantage when deciding which loan is appropriate for them. Whether a consumer needs a loan for a house, college, a vehicle or just to get through until the next payday, they are sure to find the information they need.

  1. Vertical Finance: This blog gives good information for finding alternatives to student loans.
  2. Massachusettes Real Estate: A helpful article about finding the right mortgage based on the needs of the consumer.
  3. Free Money Finance:This blog offers good tips about what to think about before getting a car loan.
  4. Find the Right Loan for You: This blog entry details questions consumers need to ask themselves in order to find the right loan for their situation.
  5. FHA Morgage Center: This blog outlines the different options available to consumers looking at FHA home loans.
  6. This article details the loan options that are available for those consumers who wish to purchase a manufactured home.
  7. There is lots of advice about both home and auto loans on this website.
  8. Loan Modifications: This website offers reviews of the best loan modification companies.
  9. Mortgage Loans: A very informative article about home improvement loans can be found here.
  10. Private Student Loans: This website provides a detailed comparison of some private student loan providers.
  11. Get Smart Loans: A wide variety of loans, including a comparison of home equity loans, are explained on this website.
  12. Credit Loan: This website offers a variety of articles on many different types of loans to help the consumer make an informed decision.
  13. Mortgage X: Lots of articles about the different types of mortgage loans can be found here.
  14. Loans at Wholesale: This article outlines the different types of home loans that are available so consumers can look over the different options.
  15. Debt Help: This helpful article details the process of consolidating parent PLUS loans for student loans.
  16. My Auto Loan: This article offers a comprehensive, alphabetized glossary of terms related to auto loans.
  17. Refi Advisor: Robert the Refi Advisor gives homeowners tips and information about refinancing their homes including taking the guesswork out of their choices for loans.
  18. Cars Direct: This article details the options that are available for consumers who are trying to obtain a car loan but have bad credit.
  19. 4 Easy Loans: This article is about the options for small businesses to obtain loans for their start up costs.
  20. Loans to Go:This website is packed with information about the different types of loans that are available to consumers.
  21. Mortgage Calculator Plus: This nifty website offers a collection of loan calculators so that consumers can input the exact information in order to help determine the right loan for themselves.
  22. Top Consumer Reviews:This article offers a side by side comparison of the different payday loans.
  23. Michigan Mortgage: This article informs residents of Michigan of the options available for mortgage loans.
  24. Loan Workout: Moe Bedard details pitfalls to be aware of when consumers are exploring loan workout options.
  25. Next Student: This articles gives the options that are available for students to be able to pay for their education.
  26. Deposit Accounts: This blog talks about the questions consumers should ask themselves before taking a loan out against their 401K plan.
  27. Student Loan Info: A helpful website full of articles about the different kinds of loans available to students.
  28. Shop Rate: This article details the ways to for consumers to find the best home equity loan.
  29. US Mortgage Rates: This article provides timely advice about what to look for when comparing mortgage loans.
  30. Home Equity Loans: A detailed blog that gives comprehensive information about home equity loans.
  31. College Loan Consultant: This website explores the different options students have when it comes to college loans.
  32. Mortgage Capital: This blog focuses solely on helping the consumer determine the best mortgage loan.
  33. Portfolio: This article is filled with suggestions to help small businesses obtain loans.
  34. Mortgage Loan Place: This article gives consumers some ideas about where to obtain construction loans.
  35. Military Connections:This article gives the options for loans that are available exclusively for those in the military.
  36. Military Loans: This website details the types of loans that military personnel can take advantage of .
  37. All Military Loans: This article provides some resources for those people who are in the military.
  38. VA Mortgage Center: This article tells consumers the advantages of using a VA loan.
  39. Military Hub: This website is devoted exclusively to the wide variety of options available to members of the military.
  40. Your Loan Service: There are lots of articles devoted to a range of different loan types at this website.
  41. Cash America: This site educates the consumer about pawn loans and cash advance loans.
  42. Financial Publishers: This informative article provides details for a conventional home loan.
  43. Go Construction Loan: This article informs consumers about the advantages of using a home equity loan for home improvements.
  44. Construction Loans: The home builder or new home owner will find lots of options for securing a variety of construction loans.
  45. Mortgage Loan Programs: This article helps consumers figure out which mortgage option is best for their needs.
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