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50 Articles on How Personal Loans Help Your Credit

Posted July 29th, 2010
by Staff

Credit scores can be a confusing and intimidating number that directly influences a person’s financial stability. The higher a credit score is, the easier it is for a person to get a car loan, mortgage, credit cards, and other types of credit. There are many options available for consumers to reduce debt and increase credit scores. Having a personal loan can help build up credit if it is consistently paid on time, but late payments on a loan will decrease a credit score.  Consumers should shop around before taking out a loan to make sure the loan is right for them.  A debt consolidation loan may also help credit scores rise if utilized properly. There are many financial tips, techniques and suggestions that can be done to increase a credit score.

  1. Improve Your Credit Score by 100+ Points: Information on what a credit score is and tips on how to organize and reduce debt to raise the score.
  2. Poor Credit Can Cost You: 9 Ways to Increase Your FICO Credit Score: 9 things a person can do to increase their credit score and gain control of finances.
  3. The Dangers of Long Term and Interest Only Loans: A deeper look at long term and interest only loans and how they affect consumers.
  4. Borrowing Wisely: Find out how to borrow money wisely by learning about saving, spending, and loans.
  5. How Does Debt Settlement Affect Your Credit Rating?: Debt settlement is when a person negotiates a one-time lump sum debt payoff, and since creditors usually do not receive the total balance of the debt, they will usually report the delinquency to credit bureaus.
  6. Debt Consolidation Loan – Pros and Cons: Information to help decide if debt consolidation is the right answer for each individual person.
  7. Improving your FICO® Credit Score: Tips on how to improve your credit score and reduce debt.
  8. What Lenders Look For in a Credit Score: Suggestions on cleaning up one’s credit and increasing credit score.
  9. The Secret to Getting Out of Debt: Forget Snowballs and Interest Rates: A Father’s suggestions on how to get out of debt.
  10. Finance 101: Good Debt vs. Bad Debt: A man discusses what good debt is and what bad debt is and provides questions for his readers to ponder.
  11. What NOT to say in your Personal Loan Application: A humorous and true account of things a person should not put on a loan application, including asking for a loan for a pony.
  12. Improve Your Credit Score Easily With These Tips: Tips to reduce debt and improve credit score, including paying loans and credit cards on time.
  13. How To Use Debt To Improve Your Credit: Having debts, such as loans, that are paid on time over a period of time can actually help your credit.
  14. Ask Jean: How to Check — and Establish — Your Credit: This is a Q&A about requesting a credit report to check for accuracies and tips on how to build up positive credit.
  15. How To Pay off Credit Card Debt: A Success Story: A blogger provides tips and techniques to become debt free, inspired by another blogger who became completely debt free in 3 years.
  16. Getting a Grip on your Personal Finances:  Article about various personal financing products and how to keep them in good order to achieve and retain a good credit score.
  17. A Beginner’s Guide To Personal Loans: This article provides basic information on personal loans, both secured and unsecured.
  18. What are Debt Consolidation Benefits?: Six reasons why debt consolidation is beneficial.
  19. Loans Tips – Managing Your Personal Loans: How to decide if a loan is the right option and tips on how to choose the best loan.
  20. 5 Tips For Repairing Bad Credit: No matter what a current credit score is, these 5 tips will improve and help to repair credit ratings.
  21. On Being Broke: A women’s experiences with no money and bad credit, how she views money, what she does with her money, and how she is going to get a loan to help improve her financial situation.
  22. Debt Relief Strategies – Debt Consolidation Tips: Tips on how to consolidate and improve debt.
  23. 12 Bizarre Things That Harm Your Credit Score: This article takes a look at 12 things that harm credit scores that consumers often overlook.
  24. Top 10 Personal Loans For People With Bad Credit:  This is a list of 10 different types of personal loans, with explanations.
  25. Debt Settlement Companies Will Not Improve Your Credit Score: A financial blogger answers a question about working with a debt settlement company and explains how this can cause a credit score to fall.
  26. Will Paying Off an Unsecured Loan Raise My Credit Score?: This article describes the difference between paying the regular monthly loan payments and paying thanks loan off completely.
  27. Avoiding Personal Financial Blunders: People with bad credit can follow this advice to be able to spot and avoid financial scams and traps.
  28. FICO Mythbuster #345, Paying Off Installment Debt Will Improve Your Scores: A credit reporting and scoring expert explains how paying off installment debt actually causes a credit score to drop.
  29. Banker Says – Carry Debt to Improve Credit Score: Paying off a debt early will decrease the debt to credit ratio and raise the credit score.
  30. 15 Min Finances: Pay Off 1 Debt This Month: A financial blogger discusses her plan to pay off one debt by the end of the month. She talks about how paying off a debt will not only improve a person’s financial situation but it can also lift their spirits.
  31. DFA Weekly Link Rally: Saving Money to Repay Debt in Lump Sums: A financial blogger provides his thoughts on paying off loans in lump sum payments instead of paying off the debt all at once.
  32. 42 Ways to Radically Simplify Your Financial Life: 42 things that can be done to improve and simplify many financial situations.
  33. Learn About Your Credit Score – A Quick Guide: Myths and truths about credit scores, how the score is calculated, and activities that can help or hurt credit scores.
  34. What’s A Good Credit Score? Should You Care?: Detailed explanation of a FICO credit score including how it is calculated, what the numbers mean, and how to obtain a credit score.
  35. 15 Ways to Establish and Improve Your Credit History and FICO Score: This blog post provides 15 ways to improve a FICO score and credit history including paying bills, such as loans, on time.
  36. Paying Old Collection Accounts Bummer: A quick answer to a blog reader asking why his credit score only went up 13 points after paying off all the debt being held in collections.
  37. 5 Tips to Understanding What Affects Your Credit Score: The Money Coach talks about 5 behaviors that will affect a person’s credit score.
  38. Seven Steps to Get Out of Debt: A list of seven action steps and behaviors to get financial organization and reduce and eliminate debt.
  39. How do I get my old debts paid off so that I can raise my credit score?: Bill answers a reader’s question by providing information on how to pay off debts to raise credit scores.
  40. How to improve your credit score and become credit worthy: Simple ways to improve credit scores, including having a history of paying debt on time as 35% of a credit score is based on payment history.
  41. Secured Personal Loans: A summary of secured personal loans, including advantages and drawbacks.
  42. Debt Consolidation Service, Does This Damage Or Help Your Credit?: This article discusses whether debt consolidation will increase or decrease a credit score, including immediate and long term results.
  43. Get New Good Credit Started: This is an outline of tips on how to turn bad credit into good credit such, as having a loan and making payments on time.
  44. Credit: John Tesh writes about common credit report mistakes on his blog, explaining that credit reports and credit history is just as important as a person’s ancestral history.
  45. Ways to Eliminate Debt with a Personal Loan: Information how a personal loan can help reduce or eliminate debt.
  46. Fix Bad Credit: This author suggests changing a billing date so that payments are made prior to the company reporting credit standings.
  47. An Overview of Instant unsecured Personal Loans: For emergencies, instant unsecured personal loans can help people with bad credit.
  48. How To Pay Off Debt Fast With Debt-Snowball Technique – A Case Study: A look at the Snowball Technique of paying down debt with the highest interest rates first.
  49. Proceed With Caution When Closing A Credit Account: It may surprise people to learn that closing a credit account or loan may cause credit ratings to drop.
  50. Debt Reduction Methods and Philosophies: Snowball, Avalanche and More: An in-depth look at the various philosophies and methods of reducing debt and increasing credit scores.

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