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51 Blogs That Can Help You Make More Money

Posted June 29th, 2010
by Staff

There are times we could use ways to make more money.  And there are times that when having a second job isn’t an option.  So how does one go about making some extra dough to ease through tough times?  You can utilize the Internet.

The Internet has brought countless ways for people to make additional income.  There are many resources out there to show you how to get started, what to avoid and some awesome tips written in plain English to show you the ropes.  Most assuredly it takes work, but there are plenty of choices that will ensure you’ll enjoy yourself doing it.

Making Money Through Blogging

  1. Everything you ever needed to know and then some – An in depth resource to guide the way to make money through blogs.
  2. Blogging with affiliate marketing for income – How to affiliate market through a blog for passive income.
  3. Get paid for reviews – Information on how to monetize your blog through Paid Reviews.
  4. Making money via paid reviews – How to make money blogging.
  5. Increasing income through more than one avenue – Thinking outside of the single stream income method.
  6. Building a blog from nothing – Building a money making blog from the ground up.
  7. Blogging networks and you – How to create a network of blogs to increase your income.
  8. The advantages of blogging – Taking a look at how a blog can generate money.
  9. The nuts and bolts of making money with a blog – What to do from start to finish.
  10. Finding your niche – Blogging with a niche subject to stand out.

Already have a blog?  How to Make Money with Google’s Adsense

  1. How to take advantage of Adsense – Tips and thoughts on how to maximize your Adsense revenue.
  2. Tips for getting the most out of Adsense – Good information on how to make Adsense work for you.

Making Money on EBay

  1. Catching the attention of EBay’s search engine – Advice on how to get your products seen by EBay’s search engine.

Random Thoughts on Making Money Online

  1. Musings from an expert – The author puts their thinking cap on to share important information about using the Internet to make money.
  2. The right way to make money online – Avoiding Internet scammers who take your money and run away with it.
  3. Making money from home – Ways to make more money when you’re home.
  4. Just starting out? – Tips on how to get extra revenue streams coming into the household.
  5. The basics of making money online – What you need to know before you get started.
  6. More on getting into a home based and online business – A look into what you’ll need to start up a home based or internet based business.
  7. An interview with a young entrepreneur – A great interview that covers all of the facets of making money online.
  8. Stay the course – Don’t give up too soon or you may miss out.
  9. Getting started in a home based business – Lots of ideas on how to launch a business from home.
  10. Avoid getting into trouble – How to avoid common scams that part you from your money instead of help you earn it.

Becoming a Writer

  1. Do you want to get into writing – The ins and outs of becoming a freelance writer.
  2. Blogging and writing – Making money by writing articles for your blog or for someone else.
  3. Writing unique articles – How to get started writing with original content.
  4. Looking for ideas – Here are some good tips to help you generate some.
  5. Write resumes for others – Here’s how to exploit a knack for writing a good resume’.
  6. Great sense of humor – Make money writing jokes!
  7. Writing for revenue share – What is writing for revenue sharing all about?
  8. Writing an article that pays – How to write so you make the best possible income from your article.
  9. Do you have a skill or hobby you’re good at – Write how-to articles for income.
  10. Making money from your short stories – If you write short stories for the heck of it, why not make some money from them?
  11. Avoid making mistakes – Don’t make these mistakes when writing for money.
  12. Tips for making money through writing – Some of the best ways to ensure income from your writing.
  13. Making money from travel blogging – Tips about making money off of writing about your trips.
  14. More about writing about travel – What you should bring with to maximize your articles.
  15. Sell what you know – Why articles are in demand and how to sell yours.

How to Drive Internet Traffic to Your Website via Social Networks

  1. Using Twitter to draw people in – How to utilize Twitter to get people to look at what you have to sell.

Is it the right niche for you?

  1. What is it you want to sell to generate income – A strategy for determining what item is the best for you to sell.

MLM or Multi Layer Marketing

  1. No, they’re not Ponzi schemes – A look at getting into the world of MLM.
  2. A complete guide to make more money from the Internet – A series of blog posts that outline the A-B-C’s of marketing.

Using A Domain Name to Generate Income

  1. Having a good domain name helps with income – How to pick the right domain name for your website or blog.

Information on Affiliate Marketing

  1. Choosing a product for affiliate marketing – Where to go to help pick the right item.
  2. How to find a plan – Getting the affiliate market plan that’s right for you.
  3. Great tips to make affiliate marketing work – In depth information that can only help the beginner affiliate marketer.

Get Paid to Programs

  1. Get paid to do tasks – Reviewing Treasure Trooper get paid to site.
  2. Selling your attention – A site that pays you to look at them.

Driving Business to Your Website

  1. A simple trick to build an email list – Emails are the most important part of building a web-based business.
  2. Effective banner marketing – Increasing website traffic through use of banners.

How to Keep Your Focus

  1. Staying the course Don’t let yourself get distracted midstream.
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