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51 Blogs to Help You Better Understand How to Budget

Posted May 28th, 2010
by Staff

Understanding how to build a proper budget is an area where many people could use some help and guidance. Some people do not like the idea of having a budget; however, drawing up a realistic budget can not only help ensure that financial obligations are met, but it can also help a person reach their financial goals. One key to crafting a budget is to build in enough flexibility to handle those little emergencies that come up.

  1. Single Guy Money: This blogger offers a look at his monthly budget as well as tips to help keep yours under control.
  2. Bargain Babe: The Bargain Babe offers an in depth walk through of a budget and how to make one.
  3. Frugal Student: This article offers a five step process to help students learn to budget.
  4. Wise Bread: This article reminds people, that although it can feel like it sometimes, a budget is not supposed to limit you. It’s a tool to help you gain financial freedom.
  5. Personal Budgeting: This web site offers a host of budgeting tips and tools, including samples.
  6. Budget 101: This web site has a several different types of budget templates to download, including grocery, family, and personal budgets.
  7. Money Instructor: This web site walks you through the reasons for having a budget as well as the benefits.
  8. Budgeting Tips for Wedding Guests: This article is for all those people who feel like attending a wedding has to be expensive.
  9. Free Budget Guide: Featuring a free budget guide, this article has lots of good tips and techniques to help you.
  10. Budget Template: This web site offers a free Excel budget template to help you get started.
  11. Home Money Help: This article offers tips on how to budget when your income varies from pay period to pay period.
  12. Why Budger?: This article gives you some solid reasons on why you should budget.
  13. Personal Money Management: This web site gives you ten great reasons for having a budget
  14. Introduction to Personal Finance: This article gives a great overview of personal finance and budgeting.
  15. Free Financial Advice: An article that has some great tips to help you on your way to gaining financial freedom.
  16. Tips to Organize Life: This web site offers plenty of tips to organize all aspects of your life, including your finances with a simple to use budget.
  17. Budgeting for Students: Offering lots of great advice for students on budgeting just starting out.
  18. Financial Advice from UHEAA: You will find a sample budget worksheet aimed specifically for students on this page
  19. Money Advise: This web site offers lots of advice and tools to help you make and stick to a budget.
  20. Budgeting: Lots of tips for learning to budget are found here.
  21. Better Budgeting: You will find lots of budgeting tips on this helpful web site.
  22. Always Frugal: Budgeting tips and a budget worksheet can be found here.
  23. Budgeting Matters: This web site walks you through a zero based budget that will put money in your pocket.
  24. Saving for Serenity: This blog post stresses the importance of having a budget and how to create one that works for you.
  25. Personal Budgeting: This web site features budgeting worksheet and calculators to help you know where your money is going.
  26. Mapping Your Future: This web site offers you a simple budget worksheet to get you started.
  27. How to Make a Budget; This article has many tips and techniques for your budgeting needs.
  28. Creating a Budget: This blogger gives lots of advice and detailed instructions on managing money with a budget.
  29. Finance for Families: This web site has lots of financial advice for families including creating a budget.
  30. Personal Budget Worksheet: You will find lots of spreadsheets for budgets on this site.
  31. Money Matters: This is a comprehensive guide to creating a budget.
  32. Expenses Budget: This article offers you a brief introduction to budgeting.
  33. Money Management: Small business owners will find lots of advice on this web site.
  34. Budgeting for Businesses; This web site has some ideas for businesses on a small budget.
  35. Create a Business Budget: This article contains ideas for creating and styling on budget
  36. Money Management: This hip web site shows you how you can make a budget by following just a few easy steps.
  37. The Envelope Budget; This web site has all sorts of great budgeting advice including how to set up an budget using the envelope system.
  38. Get Rich Slowly: This article tells you how to set up your first budget.
  39. Budgeting Plan: This article offers concrete advice about how to set up a budget plan.
  40. How to Make a Budget: This blogger writes about how to make a budget for a business.
  41. The Frugal Find: This blogger shares her budgeting secrets.
  42. Budgeting Basics: This article lays out a simple step by step budget plan with a worksheet.
  43. Money Help: This article offers lots of great reasons and help for making a budget.
  44. Make a Better Budget: This site has tips to make a better budget that you will be more likely to follow.
  45. Budgeting Success: This article helps grads learn to budget when they are starting out.
  46. National Payday: This blogger lays out a budget grounded in reality and addresses common pitfalls.
  47. How to Make a Budget: This article details an easy way to make a budget by concentrating on fixed expenses.
  48. Business Budgets: This article details the process to follow to make a budget for a business.
  49. The Simple Dollar: Along with lots of other financial advice, this web site offers a simple outline to making a budget for the first time.
  50. Time to Budget: Full of lots of budgeting advice, tips, and forms, this site has something for everyone.
  51. Household Budgets: This site is full of lots of great advice about how to make a working, realistic budget.
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  • Posted June 14th, 2010 by Mandy at 10:30 am -

    You have a great list here! I mentioned your site in my “Transitioning to College” class. My students are always asking about easy ways to stick to a budget, and I always tell them to WRITE IT DOWN!

  • Posted June 16th, 2010 by danny d at 9:26 am -

    budget smudget. nothing beats an old fashioned piggy bank for building your savings.


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