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51 Posts With Dumb Reasons For Obtaining Personal Loans

Posted August 31st, 2010
by Staff

To consumers borrowing money can seem to be a way of getting their hands on “easy money”; but “easy money” can soon cause difficulties when consumers have to struggle with loan repayments. They can find themselves deeper in the debt trap than they had anticipated and it can like an impossible predicament to be in.

While there are some situations where taking a loan is the only option, at other times obtaining personal credit should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Bad Reasons to Refinance a Home A look at some bad consumer choices when taking credit against their homes.
  2. The Worst Reason for Taking Personal Credit A look at the top ten dumb choices made by consumers when seeking personal loans.
  3. 11 Dumb Reasons for Borrowing A look at some common mistakes made by consumers. Including a look at borrowing to have the latest technology and borrowing to gamble.
  4. Don’t Borrow Money to Pay for Timeshare Hard sell tactics in the timeshare business are common knowledge but shoppers should never be persuaded to invest in a timeshare property.
  5. Why Drivers Shouldn’t Borrow to Buy a Car Reasons why car finance and personal loans for autos are a bad idea. Advice on alternatives to borrowing to afford a car.
  6. Don’t Borrow Money to Look Good A warning to those prone to vanity. Looking good is not worth incurring personal debt.
  7. Borrowing to Finance a Wedding is a Bad Idea Why couples and parents should not go into debt for the big day. Help with keeping weeding costs down.
  8. Borrowing Money to Consume is a Dumb Idea Why credit for consumption is a bad thing for personal finances.
  9. Why Borrowing Money to Buy Stock Online is a Dumb Plan A look at the reasons why taking credit to buy stock is not a good idea. A look at why investors should avoid debts.
  10. Dumb Reasons Young People Borrow Money A look at the option of saving to afford assets such as cars and homes instead of falling into the credit trap at an early age.
  11. Buy Stocks With Savings Not Credit Why borrowing to buy is one way of falling into dumb debt. Why investors should not invest money they don’t have.
  12. Don’t Borrow to Improve Credit Score The credit scoring system can make it seem a good idea to borrow money that is not needed but taking unnecessary credit is a dumb idea.
  13. Don’t take Loans to Play the Stock Market Sensible solutions to funding stock investment instead of incurring dumb debt in order to invest.
  14. Do Not Borrow Money for  a Sacrificial Goat Advice to North Africans as poor harvest and short supplies mean sacrificial animals for Eid Al-Adha are selling for high prices.
  15. Borrowing for Weddings and Honeymoons not Recommended A surefire way to incur dumb debt is to take credit to finance nuptials. Suggests some alternative solutions.
  16. Don’t Take Credit for Holidays A look at why loans are a bad way to pay for holidays. Avoiding falling into the debt trap for holidays.
  17. When Taking Credit is a Dumb Idea A look at reasons not to go for a personal loan. With suggestion of alternative ways of affording needs.
  18. Dumb Reasons for Taking a Payday Loan A look at common consumer temptations and why these types of loan should be avoided at all costs.
  19. The Dumb Debt Lowdown A look at some of the ways people get into unnecessary debt. Suggests alternatives o avoid the debt trap.
  20. Read the Paperwork Before Agreeing to a Deal Buying on credit is a bad way to incur debt. A cautionary tale of getting trapped into a dumb debt, advice on what alternative are out there.
  21. Don’t Borrow to Fund Fertility Treatment Advice on the debt trap for couples with fertility problems. Looks at whether taking a loan to finance IVF is the right idea.
  22. Taking a Loan for Someone Else is a Bad Move One case study looking at the complications of borrowing on someone else’s behalf. Why you shouldn’t let others borrow for you.
  23. Seven Bad Reasons for Personal Credit A look at common causes of bad debt choices and how to avoid them.
  24. Stupid Debt Decisions A look at some dumb financial choice including bad reasons for taking a loan. Includes details of some ways to avoid falling into a debt trap.
  25. Payday Loans – A Bad Idea A look at this industry that threatens to push consumers into the debt trap. Why payday loans are a bad idea
  26. Borrowing ‘Til Payday Creates Dumb Debt A look at the slippery slope of payday loans. Why consumers should steer clear of this type of borrowing.
  27. Some Common Dumb Debt Decisions A look at bad ways of taking credit such as from a pawn shop and through a payday loan. With advice to avoid falling foul of personal credit.
  28. Don’t Take Out a Loan to Go Fishing and Other Advice A look at some stupid debt decisions that people make and why they should be avoided.
  29. Dumb Things to Do with Money A look at common financial mistakes and bad reasons for taking credit. A list of things not to borrow money for and suggestions of other ways to finance projects.
  30. The Bad Debt List A look at the worst kinds of personal finance. Ways of borrowing to be avoided by consumers looking for financial security.
  31. Don’t Be Fooled By Payday Loans A look at the payday loan debt trap. How it works and how can it be avoided?
  32. Don’t Borrow to Cover Other Borrowing Why consolidation is not always the answer. Refinancing can pull borrowers deeper into dumb debt.
  33. Don’t Borrow From Retirement Plans to Clear Credit Card Debt Why raiding a 401k is a poor choice for those who owe. Alternative ways to clear the debt backlog.
  34. Borrow Now – Pay Later Why taking personal loans can cause problems in later life. The importance of saving for retirement.
  35. Don’t Take a Loan from Your 401k One dumb debt decision that consumer can be tempted by in hard times and why it really is a bad idea. Complete with a look at the consequences of this dumb debt action.
  36. Don’t Borrow From the Future to Pay off Credit Cards Advice on why retirement funds should not be used to clear personal debt. A look at alternative options.
  37. Don’t Borrow Against a 401 for Medical Bills A look at the temptation to use retirement money to clear other debts and why this is not the best path for debtors.-
  38. 401 Borrowing is a Dumb Idea Explaining double taxation and other possible pitfalls of taking a loan against a 401k. Why 401 loans should be avoided.
  39. Why is a 401 Loan a Dumb Idea? Explaining the reasons to avoid taking credit against retirement funds. A look at all the downsides.
  40. Don’t take a Loan to Pay Your Mortgage Reasons not to borrow against a 401 plan to keep up home payments. A look at why this kind of borrowing is a bad idea.
  41. 401 Loans a Bad Way To Pay of Credit Card Debt Why obtaining a loan against retirement saving is a bad idea. Advice on reducing credit card debt in other ways.
  42. Debt Clearing With a 401 Loan is a Dumb Idea The ins and outs of 401 borrowing and why it leads to seriously dumb debt. Why consumers should not consider this option to clear other credit.
  43. Don’t Take a Loan as a Kneejerk Reaction to Debt Problems A look at the way in which dumb debt snowballs with bad decision making. How to avoid falling into this trap.
  44. Borrowing to Consolidate Student Loans a Dumb Idea Why obtaining personal credit to pay off loans for studies is not a good plan.  A personal story with a warning to others who owe student loans.
  45. Are Student Loans Always Sensible? When taking student loans to finance schooling may not be a sensible idea. A look at why people must make sensible education choices before taking on credit to fund learning.
  46. Dumb Things to Do with Money A look at poor money and credit choices. Moves to avoid when dealing with personal finances.
  47. Don’t Go Into Debt for a Nose Job A look at one crazy borrowing decision. The story of a single mum on state benefits who decided to borrow to finance cosmetic surgery.
  48. Dumb Ways to Fall into the Debt Trap A look at some stupid financial choices. Common mistakes that lead to financial problems for
  49. consumers.
  50. Insane Reasons to Borrow Money Some crazy explanations of why people fall into the debt trap. Includes an examination of borrowing to gamble and borrowing to consume.
  51. Don’t Pay for Someone Else’s Boob Job with a Loan! A cautionary tale for anyone thinking of financing a lover’s enhancements with their own personal credit. A look at what happens when the couple split.

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