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Taking the Vacation of a Lifetime

Posted July 14th, 2010
by Staff

Some things in life are just simply worth doing. One of them is vacationing. While we know that most people just can’t afford to take long vacations every year, every family should take at least one memorable vacation at some point. Even if you need to take out personal loans to do it, taking that dream vacation creates memories like nothing else in the world.

We don’t know where your dream vacation is. For us, it was a trip to see Disney World with the kids (everyone really should do it at least once). For you, it might be a trip to Venice or to Paris, to Cancun or Rio. Or maybe you’d like to go on a cruise as a family. The destination really isn’t that important. The journey is the fun part.

You’re best off planning for your vacation with a travel agent. Not only are they often in the know about the best places to go and things to do at various destinations around the world, but booking a trip is generally cheaper with a travel agency than without them. This is because you benefit from the travel agency’s volume of business when it comes to tickets, fares, and other expenses. In most cases, the travel agent’s pay doesn’t even come out of what you’re paying; they make their money from the airlines, hotels, and attractions who give them a percentage of what they sell.

Don’t hesitate to use personal loans to finance that trip of a lifetime if you need to. There’s no price tag you can put on the experiences you can have together as a family on vacation. Studies have even shown that families that vacation at least every other year are significantly less prone to divorce. And, trust me, your vacation is less expensive than your divorce would be.

Remember to bring the whole family in on the planning stages. The last thing you want is to plan a big trip only to find out that the only one in the family enthused about it is you. Include everyone, even the kids. If everyone feels like they had a voice in where you choose to vacation, they will be more excited about the prospect of going.

Make sure you take enough money with you so that you can cover your expenses and have a good time without needing to worry. If you are traveling, especially abroad, consider purchasing traveler’s checks, as they are safer to carry than cash. Most of all, though, remember to have a good time.

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