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Trade Yard Work for a Burger and Beer

Posted March 15th, 2010
by Staff

yardworkWe have all heard the news talking about how tough times are now. Unemployment is high, companies just refuse to hire, and banks don’t want to give out a personal loan to save their life. What are you to do? Luckily, there is a simple answer out there.

Trading work for items you need seems to be a long lost art form. We used to do this all time. Yeah, this idea most likely won’t pay the power bill or keep Dog the Bounty Hunter from tracking down your car and driving it off to the bank. What this idea can do is get you those items you want or need for just a wee bit of manual labor. Oooh, the dreaded manual labor phrase. It is not that bad, I promise.

Let’s take a look at some way you can trade off your muscle power for a burger and a beer. One of first things that comes to mind is spring is vastly approaching. This is a prime opportunity to lend a fellow man a hand. Pull weeds from a garden, rake a lawn, or pick up fallen sticks. These are all simple items that you can do for a bit of lunch.

Sure, this may work easier for those with a yard, but city dwellers are not excluded. Offer to clean someone’s house or wash their car. Even better, offer to watch someone’s kids while they are at work. Just because there is now yard does not mean there are items to be bartered for.

We can take this even further though. If you have a trade skill you can use, this is even better. Take those years of fixing computers and offer to work on a friend’s computer and fix it up. Mechanics can trade oil changes or routine auto maintenance. Carpenters can offer to their labor in building or refinishing. Handy men/women can fix odds and ends. This list could be endless.

This all does not have to be for food though. Trade your hard labor for a night out on the town. Want to go see the latest movie to hit the theaters? No problem, offer to clean someone’s house in exchange for some popcorn and a movie.

Some of these suggestions might seem a little one sided. Sure, your real world wage rate might be $100 an hour. This is where the bartering skills come into play. Find some middle ground that is agreeable to you and the person you are trading the work with. If you feel that car engine replacement job is worth three dinners and a movie, then by all means negotiate that.

The best part to all of this is that it can be done regardless of your employment status. Take a free weekend, trade up some work, get that video game you have had your eye on. Best of all, you spend some time socializing and getting to know that person better.

Sure, going to the bank and getting a small personal loan to live on for the next few days may sound fine, but there are many other ways to get that which you desire. Why not try taking up this lost art form. You never know, this could lead you into something better down the road.

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